About Us
Kennel "Chigasovo" is registered in the Russian Federation Cynologique (RKF number 5141) in August 2002.
In our work we are primarily guided by the breed standard (FCI є 327), as well as our experience and understanding of the Black Russian Terrier.
Strong bones, rib cage volume and overall proportions of the dog, compactness, well balance temperament and correct movement with powerful
limbs are important characteristics of our BRTТs .
We do extensive testing as a mandatory norm for admission to breed. Exams for the General course of training and Guard dog are necessary for
stud dog kennel.
All our dogs tested by hip dysplasia (HD) and elbow (ED).

Owner:Yuri & Irina Morozov.

for calls in Europe & USA : +371 270 90 736
e-mail: chigasovo@mail.ru /


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